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Personal website of M.G. Daniel. Sharing poetry, my writings, snippets from my life and whatever's on my mind.

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Same same same till it’s new again


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Exchange is no robbery

May I propose: will you..emm…er…? Barter away a little of your money – very little – for my ‘fair trade’ unique brand name poetry?  My ‘Mindfield’ eBook is available on Amazon and we can get the deal going as soon as you click here 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! Here’s a bonus gift of a chunk of a poem from Mindfield, in appreciation:



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Do you want something better to do?

Do you have an interest in building institutions from the ground up, and don’t mind working on one or more primarily serving communities of people of African and Caribbean heritage? Are you willing to put your shoulder to the wheel to raise up something that will be satisfying to you but will likely have more benefit for the greater good? Do you believe in the lasting power of sincere beliefs, loyal friendships and supportive community/social connections? Do you want to create or spread joy while having fun? Do you like writers and or writing? If that’s you, then you are needed. Contact me.