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Rescued Poems -#2

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I Know



I now know

That love is as fickle as fame,

Happiness transient as twilight,

And loyalty elusive

Like quicksilver,


That for lovers

Loneliness is the ever present partner,


The only faithful companion

That I’ve tried to fill

But what futility, like children

Filling sandpits at the beach;


Because I know

That in friendship

Lies are delicacies

Seasoned with mirth and served

Anecdotes at fraternal banquets,

But in love

Truth reverberates with doubt,


I have watched you with an ache

That grips my heart

And squeezes it down to a pooling

Nausea at our every meeting,

And remained with you

Loud in friendship

Mute in love.

Can you tell who this poem is “after.” Reading it  again and the echoes of a poem by a famous somebody come back to me.  Like a lot of writers when they’re beginning to bud, this poem was influenced by someone I had read and liked– my young self (end teens) felt inspired to write something on the same theme in a similar style. Either that, or the deep love we can fall into around that age, moved me to this poem. I am putting it into the “work unprogressed” category while I am deciding whether the future of my writing is with me going forward with new works, or trying to fix the pile of old ones I intended to come back to but never did all those years since I first wrote them. I Know will likely go into my ‘forget it (at least for now)’ pile – too much else on the go.

Happy reading- as you figure out which poem or poet is seeping through in this poem.   (MelAnia)


Author: M.G. Daniel

I am a lifelong scribbler who is now focusing on poetry and becoming more established as a writer.

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