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Beautiful People Like You

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(for Don and Juliet Robb).


Sculpted in the gourds of laughter

Before generosity, made ahead of man

And all the evils treading his wake;

Beautiful people like you.


In the still of night, when only the

Measured footfall of a grandfather clock

Stalks the foyer, your sounds flit

Over slumber, catering for our tomorrow.


At a raspberry picking, my mind strays

From its prison to its promise, thoughts

Walk like acrobats on the fence, crawl with

Vines to watch Juliet mumbling to herself;


She sees me, chuckles as her face returns

To the pulpy edge of a strawberry brain.

Imprints, as on Turin’s shroud, why a simple

Day saunters by, so memorable because of


Beautiful people like you.


Wrote this poem for a lovely couple I stayed with for a bit in Scotland. Stayed in a lovely little village called Bridge of Wier. I have such a lovely memory of that time and place. Must really try to connect again with people from that time.


Author: M.G. Daniel

I am a lifelong scribbler who is now focusing on poetry and becoming more established as a writer.

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