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Word. On the street

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Yesterday was a fun time at Word on the Street, the annual festival of booksellers, authors, publishers, what have you and what not related to the art/craft of writing. It was a nice addition to my weekend full of writerly things. Sharing some of my best (planned) moments:

Seeing my literary goddess, Pamela Mordecai, read live for the first time. I have an attachment to her work from way back when…it happens when you study an author in school, or become acquainted with their writings at a significant milestone in life. If I can find her poem Farewell Piarco, I will link to it at the end of this post – it has a starring role in a love story of mine. When I first met her a couple of years ago, she was rather impressed that I was able to recite that poem to her from memory, after all those years. At Word on the Street, she read from her book length poem De Book of Mary, which recasts the Mary/Jesus story in Jamaican patios, in addition to doing other things with it. Very warm, engaging and lovely lady who makes it impossible for your mind to stray when she’s reading.



Pamela Mordecai, centre

I also took in some of Jamaican Canadian writer Olive Senior, past winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize among her haul of significant prizes.


Olive Senior signing her book with Jennylynd James in forground

Hanging out with my buddy Jennylynd James who is a walking ad for her series of travel memoirs- see her Tee shirt in above pic – was fruitful. As was running into my enterprising friend Geeta of Indo-Caribbean ancestry and her twin sis. They were  manning the table for their small scale book publishing business.


Here’s the promised link to Pam Mordecai reading Farewell Piarco.


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I am a lifelong scribbler who is now focusing on poetry and becoming more established as a writer.

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