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I give thanks to my deities, never advice

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Because, what can I say to those awesome minds, my own mind having been influenced by ideas like these.

Instead, I adore, adulate, admire and appreciate those class A people. And then I ask them for things. Here’s my shopping list. I want more souls, more devotees, fans, likers, followers and more love from the full spectrum of mortals for my god(s). After that, I willingly accept. (Note: When you are a god you can do whatever you want; you’ve earned it.)


But my dear divine one(s), please do not send my goodies or greetings or even just good advice to me via intermediaries. People have their own agendas. They either keep the god-given things, or pretend the gifts are coming from them when they do pass on the watered down version, or distort the message, or divert it to a favourite of theirs, or delegate the task of giving to a deputy who then goes for his/her own empire building and nepotism, giving away my things to their favoured ones. Or the in-betweens get confused, believing the generosity was really, truly and always intended for them.

Yeah, ‘blessings theft’ abounds.  Remember that old story of a miscreant called Jacob plotting with his mother and stealing his hairy brother’s first-born birthright?

I am giving thanks and praise and I’m praying for good things for everyone who has a need for things at this Thanksgiving 2016 moment.


Author: M.G. Daniel

I am a lifelong scribbler who is now focusing on poetry and becoming more established as a writer.

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