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A story about writer Emma Donoghue

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Finally, I am taking advantage of the holiday weekend out here and I’m going to watch Room. I emma-donoghuehave been meaning to, since it came out in 2015. My interest is a little more than passing. In 2010 -2011, I was doing a graduate journalism degree in London (Ontario) and with that an elective in arts and entertainment reporting. I love to engage all kinds of people and hear what they have to say, especially if they are writers. I went after a story about Emma Donoghue for one of my key course assignments. She was in the headlines at the time – Room had been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. I attended a public lecture she gave and asked questions there, got a brief in-person interview (pity I can’t post that audio) and she was generous enough to agree to talk on the phone and answer more questions via email.  My course instructor was not particularly thrilled with my submission – he felt the focus was on something future that might never happen (the writer telling me of her plans to get a movie out of the book Room). I did grumble to myself that he was not impressed that I had gotten a busy, hard to pin down somebody to give me her time, after I had indicated up front that my focus during his course would be writers.

Anyways, here is that article and some of the interview Q & A that I did not use.




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