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On this date in 2010 my mother left us


Keep journeying well, Mrs. Daniel.

I was blessed to be loved
By someone as wonderful as you.

Yes mam, your daughter is still ‘forever singing those radio songs.‘ And you were right, she still ‘can’t sing.’ Tried with your favourite hymn this morning but crying is what happened. Happy you saw that poem in your lifetime and appreciated it. Posting it here in loving remembrance of you and with thanks for the life you gave me.


The Matriarch
(for mama)

 Yhan with the rare ruby eyes

And enviable Mediterranean complexion

Was there, valedictorian seated

At the centre of attention.

Her parents, Dr. Sayers and his wife,

Dr. Sayers, were proudly presented.

Graduation day, a parade of distinctions

In the halls of academe. Cute-named

Heroine of our aspirations, Yhan

Had no ideas in class, she had no idea

What a pit latrine was.


Cocktails later, when dignitaries were served,

And crumb-filled trays came to our corner,

Parents exchanged pleasantries, pouring

Praised on Drs Sayers; a fine specimen, Yhan,

She’d follow the physicians’ footsteps, naturally.

Cultured patrons, dexterous in the art of

Social chatter, they tilted to our rustic lot

For balance, calling Mr. Brown our neighbour

First to the stand. What d0you want your girl

To be? She wants to be an air hostess.


Benefactors roared, because a maid by any name

Was still a maid, someone had interjected,

Even Mr. Brown tittered. I waited for the

Moment of mockery, when the pot-bellied lady

Wearing a wig to crown her coarseness would

Give the blueprint for her daughter’s future.

What do you want for your girl ma’am

They asked my mother. As I held my breath

And stretched my chest to make room

For the shame, I heard mama say,

I’ve always wanted her to be – strong.



Author: M.G. Daniel

I am a lifelong scribbler who is now focusing on poetry and becoming more established as a writer.

2 thoughts on “On this date in 2010 my mother left us

  1. My condolences friend.. but allow me to say ,this is such a beautiful tribute.I’m sure she’d be very very proud of her wonderful daughter

    Liked by 1 person

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