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Fame Bound

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A mute boy gathered snares, freed birds trapped

In the tyranny of his playmates youth, went

Into himself mending wings, nesting fledgling

Dreams, saw them flee with time his hamlet.


He’s still repairing wings, mending broken dreams,

An old man cobbler in a hovel, wayside inn for

Wanderers, pads the souls of restless feet, worn

Through lives that once, like him, were fame bound.


In backyard shacks of ghettos, figures couch over lamps,

Kerosene douses wicks, no talent scouts see bonfires leap,

Till experiences drench ambition, and flames subside

In eyes where a man plays music all day, searching


For metaphors in precedent, he observes nothing

New under the sun, only a honing of God’s ideas,

His birds and sky and butterflies trapped, in the

Cobwebs of a village prison, caught plagiarist.


His mother rants, how lazy; unperturbed he plots his

Path to fame, plucking up the ladder of guitar strings.

Visionaries can’t escape the bonds of vision, in a world

Too small to accommodate the vast expanse of dreams.


Intellects fallow in plains of denigration, success before

The time for recognition. Still, each day, backwater people

Pack their dreams first in the suitcase of the head

And set off in search of fame; many are stopped


At the border of his island, a man finds the sea,

Boundary of his plans, he pauses to whet convictions

In a seaside bar and ends a drunkard sailor who can’t

Fathom his indolence because he once, was fame bound.


Author: M.G. Daniel

I am a lifelong scribbler who is now focusing on poetry and becoming more established as a writer.

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