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Spring Cleaning

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by Melania Daniel


Stretching on a tottering stool

Of trepidation, you peer inside your memory,

In this attic of the brain moth-eaten dreams

May still be found. From the dank of cramped recesses

Mildewed hopes leap out like spooks

And disturb you for a burst of spring cleaning.


The days that all turn yellow in the evenings

Are falling off the calendar like autumn leaves.

In your yard, chocking with too many seasons shed,

You rake a pile of years scrawled over with your schemes

Of youth and burn all obsolete thoughts. Despair reinvents

In smoke to the escalator of your longings.


Frazzled as the time that’s growing senile

You slouch next to a window to mend some threadbare drapes

And find that you are staring at the journal of your life.

Glancing through the chapters of your face, now creased

And fading pages, you read some dreary lines

Of stalled beginnings; maybe a little dye

Of rouge and blush will make this tale more colorful.


Is there any joy in reading a familiar bedtime story

When the children have all flown?

And only the mocking laughter of echoes find humor

In this fable of fulfillment? Shuffle back into the attic,

Perhaps the other version can still be found. More fanciful,

That one lies buried in the clutter of homemaking.


Where all along discontent laid grubs to furrow

In the contours of your face, and nurture

In the cracks of your skin. While carving grooves inside your teeth

You hear their jeering chatter; it’s fall, they’re saying

Fall, you’re affirming, it’s never too late for spring cleaning.


Author: M.G. Daniel

I am a lifelong scribbler who is now focusing on poetry and becoming more established as a writer.

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