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Personal website of M.G. Daniel. Sharing poetry, my writings, snippets from my life and whatever's on my mind.


M.G. Daniel was born in Saint Lucia where she grew up with exposure from an early age to the rich folklore and tradition of oral storytelling that are woven into the cultural fabric of that Caribbean island. She began to gain recognition for her writing during her elementary and high school years, winning writing prizes for various essay, short story and poetry writing contests and editing school magazines. In her mid-teens she emerged winner of a national secondary (high) school essay contest on the theme of the challenges for Saint Lucia as a politically independent nation. M.G. Daniel also won on two occasions the annual national (M&C) Fine Arts Awards for Saint Lucia, winning the poetry and overall Literary award on both occasions.

She was discouraged from pursuing a writing career and advised to ‘get a profession’ due to limited opportunities for writers in the Caribbean when she finished her secondary school education. M.G. Daniel obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in economics (First Class Honors) from the University of the West Indies in Barbados and later graduated from the University of Birmingham in England on a Commonwealth Fellowship with a master’s degree in Money, Banking and Finance. After careers in Saint Lucia as an economics instructor and later in banking (manager, research and marketing) M.G. Daniel migrated to Canada, where she now resides, to seek retraining and opportunities to transition into the writer she had always yearned to be.

Due to her interest in publishing a poetry magazine and finding a day job working with a publication, she obtained a Certificate in Magazine Publishing from Ryerson University in Toronto and a Master of Arts in Journalism from Western University in London, Ontario.  She has contributed articles to various newspapers and magazines in Saint Lucia and Canada, with poets and writers being frequent subjects of her writing. Samples of her journalism work can be found online and on her blog at Her interviews and stories feature writers Margaret Atwood and  Emma Donoghue and other personalities such as tennis coach Richard Williams. M.G. Daniel also wrote and produced three plays while living in Saint Lucia.

Her poems have been published in anthologies and other publications in the Caribbean, Canada and the United States, including Confluence: nine St. Lucian poets, Kendel Hippolyte (ed); The Trinidad and Tobago Review, Vol. 15 Nos. 8 & 9, Sept 1993; Enterprise of the Indies, George Lamming (Ed), 1999; The Birmingham Magazine, Birmingham University, 1999; Roseau Valley and Other Poems For Brother George Odlum: An Anthology , John Robert Lee (Ed), 2003; Temba Tupu!/walking Naked: Africana Women’s Poetic Self-portrait, Nagueyalti Warren (ed); Voices 2013 (& Voices 2014): anthology of poetry and short stories created by members of the Toronto Writers Cooperative.

M.G. Daniel co-edited Walking Iyanola on Pious Feetan anthology of winning poems by youth from Saint Lucia in a poetry contest sponsored by the Saint Lucia National Trust on the theme of the environment. She was one of the judges of that contest. Her first chapbook, Mindfield, was self-published in Saint Lucia and released again in 2017 as an e-book on Amazon. M.G. Daniel has written previously as Melania Daniel and Melania G. Daniel. She is still on the look out for a memorable pen name and a patron, and welcomes suggestions and opportunities.