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St. Lucia National Trust to close Walcott House due to funding cuts

Repeating Islands


The Saint Lucia National Trust wishes to announce the closure of Walcott House as of today, May 31st and until such further notice.

This decision has regrettably been taken due to a number of funding cuts resulting in the Trust no longer being able to fund the operations of this memorial space in honour of artistic icons, the late Derek and Roderick Walcott, and their family.

The vision of creating a museum using the childhood home of Derek and Roderick was held for many decades, particularly as the house converted into the Lithographic Press and eventually abandoned and fallen into ruin.  The property at 17 Chaussée Rd was eventually acquired and in 2006, the Government vested the property to the Trust with the mandate of creating a museum.

In 2008, the concept of the house museum was included in the Vision Plan Document of the Government. While no physical…

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Rescued Poems

I’m doing this reblog because, well, it’s almost June 1, one year later and I need an in-my-face reminder that I did plan to work on that work-in-progress. I now know why I rescued it last year; it rescued me.

My Mind

Love Unlike None

tell all my distractions and their demons

go to hell what i would do for you not even

i can’t tell because i do not know it

with no boundaries and no shame

no limits or coy young lovers game not

a furtive glance thrown behind the shoulder

to measure the load of love its carried blame it has no name

what i would do for you is whatever i cannot

do or have not done everything and anything

something with nothing that anyone has done before

for no one nor with everyone

I was feeling overwhelmed by the pile of work in progress I  accumulated over the years and started to toss scribbles I no longer felt any emotional connection to. This writing above — started so long ago I have forgotten where it came from and where I intended taking it. I may have had more verses in…

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One day

Rajah Dah Bass

Change.jpgOn this day,

I will fight with my strength not my knowledge,

I will face your hate and your stupidity with humility,

I will walk the earth with pain and leave without,

I will seek our world for bettersolutions for a future for all of us,

I will not allow bullying to be the backbone of our society,

I will allow the weak to speak and help them walk this earth,

I will allow men to make mistakes to learn from it,

I will stay away from restless desires,

I will stop our generation from heeding into the abyss,

I will speak,

I will rise,

I will fall,

I won’t kill,

I will feel,

I will face,

I will be the one to do it all in one day!

~Rajah Dah Bass.

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Les Créoles

At  some point in the history of our hemisphere, a lot of stranger people were flung together and had to make their own new language to communicate.  As I’ve posted before, I am really proud of my people who lost everything, took their nothing and made something. I come from a long line of survivors and innovators, keeping company with all the (French) creole speakers who made a language from French and their disparate African tongues. In Saint Lucia, we speak a creole (patios) very similar or intelligible enough in most cases  to that spoken by people in places our island fore bearers had absolutely no communication with way back then when they invented that tongue. Among countries on the list of french creole speakers worldwide is Dominica. That little fact allows me this morning to thoroughly enjoy a song I had almost forgotten about by a group from that island.