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Silence is gold

No more chatterbox monkeying around stuff. Going forward, I will be like that for a while:



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My lesson for today

#1 – Don’t judge a book by its jarring cover, it will likely stun you by being all cosy, comfy warm love inside.

I just made this up, because I stumbled upon an old song by Jamaican Eric Donaldson that I loved a lot. If you’re feeling cold or down tonight, hear this:


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High Horse Fall

By Melania Daniel

Fall Bike Mountain Bike Accident Fell Down

Bruised and broken is learning

What life is really about;

All this longing come to nought,

All this aching discomfort


Ends in unsated yearning

Of fine youth turned stale and stout;

They whom misfortune has sought,

They moored in a stormy port


To know the grace of earning

In voices that softly shout;

The way life’s victories are fought,

The racers slowed to a trot.


For information on how to read more of my poems, please visit my writings page.

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Cold turkey & humble pie

I am still in a phase of fascination with the literature on breaking bad habits — looking up both the religious and the secular writers on that topic. In my previous post, I thought just going ghost on a habit/quitting cold turkey, was the better option. I’m learning though, what everyone who has made a resolution, New Year’s or otherwise, can tell you: how much humble pie is consumed in the process. Even the strongest willed fail, fall, compromise along the way and have to start again multiple times over. There is merit in consuming smaller and smaller portions of your habit on the way to quitting or managing it better.

cold turkey.jpg

I am fallen, into a non-writing habit, for a number of compelling reasons that I am not eager to bring up lest they become convenient excuses that encourage me to be lazy.  I scribble a wee bit on occasion, but need to start writing, or re-writing in earnest. I determined one of my bad habits that keep me from investing more time in a good writing habit, allowing for any ailments that make holding a pen to paper challenging, is my online and social media consumption. At the start of this week, I resolved to ‘dump’ my social media accounts for at least one week and see what would emerge in other aspects of my life. The online habit often lead to progressively worse ones, I’ve been told, like trolling, spying, envy, pride – believing we are so good at mind reading or deciphering what others are up to, and so on. I am here now, so I guess that means I am eating humble pie. Meaning I have changed tact and will instead experiment with being online on a schedule of diminishing frequency, and see what changes. Or gives.


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How to get rid of a bad habit

I’m told there is no such thing as writer’s block — it’s just a bad habit of non-writing. So, what’s it gonna be? I am more inclined towards option 2 (was that said by a British prime minister?), but I am loving something greater than my habits now, a new hobby, which is also offered as a surefire cure.


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Warning: prayers ahead


A Prayer in Time of Trouble

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, make us remember, when the world is cold and dreary, and we know not where to turn for comfort, that there is always one spot bright and cheerful–the Sanctuary.  When we are in desolation of spirit, when all who are dear to us have passed away, like summer flowers, and none are left to us or care for us, whisper to our troubled souls that there is one friend who dies not, one whose love never changes, the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the altar.

When sorrows thicken and crush us with their burden, when we look in vain for comfort, let your dear words come forth with full force from the Tabernacle: “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh you.”

Would that we could realize the pure happiness of possessing your sympathy.   Would that we could feel–when we are crushed and humbled, when the hope we have lived for has withered, when sorrows and trials that we dare not reveal to any, make our souls sink well nigh unto death, when we look in vain for someone to understand us, one who will enter into out miseries, make us remember that there in one on the Altar who knows every fibre of our hearts, every sorrow, every pain special to our peculiar natures, and who deeply sympathizes with us.

Compassionate Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us; have mercy on us; have mercy on us.

Note: I intended to post this prayer on the Feast of the Sacred Heart but life got in the way.