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The splendor of achievement!




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Good times growing up in a little land

This poem by a writer from the UK who lived in Dominica for quite some time. Reminds me of that spirit of small town joy and community bonding I knew growing up.

In the Gentle Afternoon

By Royston Ellis



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September song still in my head

Stay for just a while
Stay and let me look at you
It’s been so long, I hardly knew you

Stay with me a while
I only wanna talk to you

I am not too sure how the exact science of earworms work, but it’s Thursday and I am again singing Neil Diamond’s September Morn loads of times. As I did last Thursday into Friday – and a bit of Saturday. Let’s sing it together:

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5 secrets worth repeating

1. I loved you at early light, with 20-20 times 20 foresight.

2. I loved you for the flutters of eternity at first sight.

3. I loved you upon reflection, for being both mirror and image beaming my adoration.

4. I loved you from any angle and every direction, unstationary or erect in virile inaction.

5. I loved you at first brush. In babble and blush. Hiding the giveaway gush, the thinkings known only to all who have loved, in guise or the open.


1. I loved you alone when I was awake and waitingly restless.

2. I loved you invoking us in dreams racing to wholesomely reckless.

3. I loved you when all I could see was the grandness of you.

4. I loved you when you grew that into everything we would do.

5. I loved you when I was nobody and you unreachable somebody’s idea of how not to love; when I became everybody and love nobody’s idea of how t


1. I loved you when you were young and willowy., with geeky gait or graceful motion.

2. I loved you when you will be aged and surly, portly and your health poorly.

3. I loved you when your exalted self had fallen to a common joke.

4. I loved you with your pockets flatlined and your spirit dead broke.

5. I loved you back to the start of my declaration,